dollar dialing

Thank you for all of your Kind Words, Support and continued best wishes…

Thank you!
But, We regret to inform you:

After 30 plus years of offering the Penny-A-Minute long Distance program –
we were hacked by a very smart and sophisticated team of hackers on December 28th––
(example: for years we have been attacked on average at least 50 times a day from hackers)
well this time, they got in and destroyed our switches and software, servers and software

and completely destroyed our main and back-up data bases

Unfortunately because of the Destruction of our system from the Hackers on 12-28-21
Effectively immediately – Dollar Dialing has closed –
after 30 years of offering the 1 Cent-A-Minute domestic long distance program
saving our customers hundreds and thousands of dollars over the years.

Dollar Dialing Signing Off